Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY easy, classic bow makeup brush holders!


I was previously using mesh pencil holders to keep my makeup brushes in, and I decided that I wanted something that would fit the vintage, classic decor of my dresser more. I was inspired by a myriad of projects on Pinterest and actually planned to use glitter on these, but I love how they look with just the bows so I keep it simple!


Here's what you'll need
Small glass cups. I bought mine from the dollar store in the candle section. I also hand washed these prior to the project.
Tacky Glue. Hot glue might be better, but you have to be much more careful with it because the ribbon is thin.
Medium sized ribbon. I chose grosgrain ribbon because I thought it looked the nicest.
Glitter, it's optional if you want to cover the inside of the glass with it like this project here.


The bows are pretty easy to create, but they're just time consuming. Start with two bands that will snugly fit where you want them to on your cups. Glue the ends, and leave them to dry completely.


After that you'll need two more pieces to finish the bows: the actual bow part, which is a long strip with the ends folded into the center and glued; and a small strip to wrap around the center.

Once you've glued everything, slide a paperclip over top to help keep everything together and let it dry.

After that, you just need to slide it over the cup, and if it's sliding a bit, add a small dot of glue between the bow and the glass to keep it in place!


And voila! Two beautiful makeup brush holders that look timeless sitting on any vanity!

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  1. Really like these, going to do it with some pretty lace I ordered!

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog, I'm new to all this aha :)


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