Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero book review!

I'm not a self help book person. Call me biased, but I always thought that whatever some random person was trying to convey through words in a paperback were just that-words. But, the title "You Are a Badass" and the bright yellow color scheme just...called to me.

This is written by Jen Sincero who has written a number of other books & self help material, but I loved the approach she took in this book. To me it wasn't self help, it was motivational-the kind of thing that light's a fire under your ass and really tells you to stop, smell the roses for two seconds, and then pick back up as a new you.

Sincero also annotates many of her topics with anecdotes from her own life, be they personal experiences or her travels to India which really make it easy to connect to & believe what she says. "Love yourself" is something she puts at the end of the list of what you (the reader) are supposed to do at then end of each chapter-something that I like. Because if we don't love ourselves, then what is life worth living?

The main reason I finally caved & grabbed this book was because I've been a sufferer of OCD for most of my life-and not the "I'm a neat freak" OCD, but the "my brain acts like a broken record" OCD. While Sincero never even mentioned the disorder in her book, a lot of what she said meant something to me and has inspired me to go out and live the life I want to live and not just sit around in my comfort zone or let my subconscious make all the decisions for me.

Bottom line, even if you think you don't need "help", still pick this book up. At the least, you'll get a good laugh at parts.

What I thought: 4.25/5
What Goodreads thought: 3.95/5
Would I recommend it? Yes!

I'd love to know what you thought-is this something you might pick up? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. That is a kick ass title for a book and has me intrigued. I'll give it a go then. Good to see a fellow blogger on Goodreads too. :)


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